How and Why It Works — Your Oxford House Sober Living Run-Down

Oxford Houses are wonderful alternatives to traditional residential treatment facilities or halfway houses. Created in 1975, with the first Oxford House located in Silver Spring, Maryland, this nonprofit organization has grown to over 2,000 houses in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Oxford House is a democratically run house with no ties to the treatment […]

All About the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Doctor Robert Smith, more commonly referred to as Dr. Bob, and Bill Wilson are probably two of the biggest names you will hear when talking about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This is because they are the founders of AA, an organization that has helped millions worldwide. With its current membership estimated at around 2.1 million members, […]

8 SMART Recovery Books, Worksheets, and Resources

If you have had a personal or indirect experience with addiction, you may be familiar with the peer-led organization known as SMART Recovery. In SMART Recovery, the “smart” acronym stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART recovery groups represent an alternative to the traditional 12 step programs available for people seeking to overcome a history […]

Knowing the Oxford House Sober Living Rules

Since their inception in 1975, Oxford Houses have been around serving people both within the United States and now in Canada and Australia with the communal desire to stay sober. These houses provide their residents, also called members, an opportunity to live independently while sharing a home with like-minded people who have similar goals in […]

Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps

The 12 Steps in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are a set of directions, or guiding principles, that can help you address and overcome your drinking problem. These steps are designed to help you achieve long-lasting sobriety and an addiction-free lifestyle. When you first become an AA member, you will begin with step one and continue working […]

The Three Foundations of Oxford House Sober Living

The Oxford House is a sober living program for men and women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Those who want to live in an Oxford House must have a complete understanding of its three foundations of sober living before they can move into one of these therapeutic recovery homes. Here’s more about the three […]

Celebrate Recovery’s 8 Principles and How to Observe Them

Celebrate Recovery can help you recover from any type of hurt or struggle, including those related to addiction and substance use disorders. It observes eight principles that can help you find greater peace and healing. Here are the eight principles of Celebrate Recovery, how to observe them, and how you can find one of these […]

20 Helpful Al-Anon Quotes to Get You Through

Al-Anon can be a great source of support, hope, and encouragement when your life is being affected by someone else’s drinking. Al-Anon is part of the Al-Anon Family Groups worldwide fellowship, which publishes many books and pamphlets that share Al-Anon’s purpose—to help family and friends recover from another person’s drinking problem. Much of Al-Anon’s literature […]

Success and Satisfaction: What Oxford House Has to Offer Residents in Sobriety

Since its creation in 1975, Oxford House sober living has made a mark in the world of recovery. Oxford House is an alternative to traditional halfway houses or residential sober living facilities. Oxford Houses differ from traditional residential treatment facilities in that they provide an opportunity for sober living but are neither attached to any […]

SMART Recovery vs. AA: How Support Groups Differ

Chances are you have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Since its inception in 1935, it has helped millions of people through both its Big Book, which has currently been translated into 70 different languages, and its self-help meetings. AA membership is currently estimated at around 2.1 million members. AA is big, and for good reason, […]