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Online Addiction Support Groups to Support Recovery

Online addiction support groups offer a secure place to talk and share. People can learn from others who have been in the same situation. They can also find new ways to cope with their problems. Online groups are easy to join, and people can participate from anywhere. They are open to everyone, no matter their […]

Introducing the 12 Steps of Celebrate Recovery

In 1991, at the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, the Celebrate Recovery movement was born. Motivated by his own troubled history with alcoholism, the Celebrate Recovery founder John Baker embarked on a journey to create an alcohol recovery program that allowed its members to directly walk with Christ. You may be familiar with the […]

Who Is John Baker?

If you have ever considered joining a faith-based support group to help you recover from an addiction to alcohol, you may have come across a man by the name of John Baker. John Baker is the founder of the Celebrate Recovery program, which helps people suffering from addictions of all kinds turn to the power […]

Celebrate Recovery’s Bible: Knowing the Official Literature

If you have been considering joining a Celebrate Recovery support group, or if you have already dabbled in the Celebrate Recovery program, then you likely already understand how foundational the Bible is when it comes to a Christian journey to sobriety. Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step recovery program that teaches its members how to break […]

Celebrate Recovery’s 8 Principles and How to Observe Them

Celebrate Recovery can help you recover from any type of hurt or struggle, including those related to addiction and substance use disorders. It observes eight principles that can help you find greater peace and healing. Here are the eight principles of Celebrate Recovery, how to observe them, and how you can find one of these […]