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What is Dual Recovery Anonymous?

Self-help support group, Dual Recovery Anonymous provides independent, 12-step fellowship to men and women with multiple mental health disorders or dual diagnoses. They aim to help anyone with psychiatric struggles and a desire for recovery to restructure their lives interpersonally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Who is Dual Recovery Anonymous for?

Dual Recovery Anonymous doesn’t assign fault to people who struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, or addiction. They recognize that these “no-fault” illnesses and challenges are medical, emotional conditions that require communities of mutual support. By including men, women, and anyone who desires to recover—they have helped millions in relapse prevention, reducing symptoms, and avoiding risks to recovery.

The only requirement for participation in their twelve-step program is the desire to stop engaging in addiction and the motivation to manage your dual diagnosis healthily. With an emotional or psychiatric illness, participation itself is open and encourages building a solid support network. This helps members apply each other’s wisdom and personal experience in their daily lives—away from intoxicating drugs.

How does Dual Recovery Anonymous help?

The treatment approach of Dual Recovery Anonymous is simple to understand. Dual Recovery has a set of suggestions for recovery—rather than strict rules—that encourage each member to discover their recovery path. Those who experience a dual illness know the challenges of being chemically dependent and the value of good guidance.

They base teachings and philosophies on the traditions of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This gives a spiritual dimension to the meaningful work of staying sober and creating a new lifestyle.

Where can I find Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings?

Dual Recovery Anonymous has a global reach, with local chapters available in most US states and cities. You can explore Dual Recovery (DRA) meetings offered through local treatment facilities and addiction recovery centers that endorse 12-step or self-help groups.

Find a Dual Recovery meeting near you using the filters below to sort by meeting time and distance. Then, start your mental health recovery journey free of alcohol and drugs.

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