Life Ring Recovery Non Faith Based Support Groups

Life Ring Recovery Non Faith Based

What is LifeRing Secular Recovery?

For mental health, drug addiction, and interpersonal support—LifeRing Secular Recovery is an organization focused on promoting sobriety through abstinence. They offer peer-led support groups to provide sobriety support and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. For a positive self-image and lifestyle despite substance use disorders, they encourage the three principles of self-empowerment, secularity, and sobriety.

Who is LifeRing Recovery for?

LifeRing Recovery doesn’t associate with a particular sect, religion, or denomination, but members are free to incorporate their own spiritual approaches—as 12-step groups or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) often do. More like SMART Recovery, they distinguish no formal belief system but are open to all walks of life and lived experiences. As a non-profit, they are solely focused on the personal recovery program of their members as an alternative to other faith-based abstinence programs for drug abuse.

How does LifeRing help?

LifeRing organizes face-to-face meetings for members to attend clean and sober. They do not require you to identify yourself as an alcoholic, addict, or another name during the meeting, and it’s a time for you to share your recovery journey while absorbing the experience of others who have struggled with addiction.

Rather than encouraging you to give up your will to a higher power for substance abuse treatment, LifeRing encourages your empowerment without discouraging personal spirituality. LifeRing can help you discover your sober self through meetings that promote wellness, health, and self-help for addiction recovery.

Where can I find LifeRing Recovery meetings?

LifeRing meetings for addiction treatment appear in the US, Canada, and Europe, in-person and through online meetings. With such reach, LifeRing members have access to local chapters in most US cities. Explore the LifeRing Recovery meetings offered below through treatment centers and recovery facilities nearby.

Discover LifeRing Recovery meetings near you through the filters for meetings and locations on this page. Then, see who you could become with mental health, addiction, and self-help support from peers.

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