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What is Marijuana Anonymous (MA)?

Marijuana Anonymous—like other 12-step programs for people desiring to stop addiction—focuses its philosophy on alleviating substance dependence on marijuana (or “weed”). To promote sobriety, they use peer support groups that emphasize abstinence from marijuana as well as other drugs and alcohol. While the principles and core foundations of the organization resemble Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), its central purpose is the alleviation of marijuana addiction.

Who is Marijuana Anonymous Recovery for?

MA, as an organization and movement, doesn’t align itself with any particular religion, sect, or denomination. Marijuana Anonymous meetings are open to anyone who desires to stop smoking, using, or consuming cannabis. It remains neutral concerning the legality of marijuana. It only aims to help those for whom marijuana is an addictive problem with consequences for their lives, relationships, and well-being.

How does Marijuana Anonymous help?

Through open and anonymous face-to-face meetings (online or in-person), members of Marijuana Anonymous are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with other members. This creates a sense of community and shared understanding that can minimize the impact of stigma and isolation within addiction and recovery.
By moving through the steps of the program, you’ll be supported while surrendering your struggles to a higher power and seeking to conduct your life honestly and wholesomely. MA is similar, in this way, to traditional twelve-step programs including a spiritual component.

Where can I find Marijuana Anonymous Recovery meetings?

Across the globe, MA meetings are openly available to those who seek clean and sober recovery. You can find local chapters in most US cities and explore Marijuana Anonymous recovery meetings below. They are also given through treatment centers and addiction facilities where 12-step programs are endorsed.

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