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What is Pills Anonymous (PA)?

Pills Anonymous is similar to other 12-step programs helping people stop addiction to pills through abstinence and lifestyle changes. They focus on alleviating the pain of substance abuse and dependence on pills, promoting sobriety through peer recovery support groups. The foundations and principles of the organization are like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but the core mission is to heal addiction in all the ways it may appear for members who abuse prescription pills.

Who is Pills Anonymous Recovery for?

PA—as a global and nonpolitical organization—isn’t aligned with any cause or belief system specifically. Pills Anonymous meetings are available to everyone with the desire to stop consuming pills addictively. They are also not engaged in any cause or controversy which would alienate members from the purpose of getting clean and staying sober.

How does Pills Anonymous help?

Pills Anonymous members are encouraged to share their experiences, emotions, and insights through open and honest face-to-face meetings, either online or in-person. The format and peer-led group meetings form a sense of community and understanding that lessen stigma and isolation coming with addiction recovery. It may not be a substitute for professional help or medical advice, but it is a way to stay clean from drug abuse and manage substance use disorders through the twelve steps.

Working the 12 steps of the program—you’ll find support from people who understand the challenges of recovery and the importance of discovering your higher power. They’ll guide you through making amends and reclaiming your life through Pills Anonymous recovery literature and sponsorship.

Where can I find Pills Anonymous Recovery meetings?

Pills Anonymous (PA) meetings appear around the world and United States and have supported millions of people in their quest for recovery. You can find a local chapter in most US cities and explore PA meetings below. They may also be options through addiction centers and treatment programs.

Find a Pills Anonymous meeting near you. Use the filters and distances below and see who you could become with the support of recovery-focused peers.

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