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What is Refuge Recovery?

Refuge Recovery is a practice-based path to healing addiction and its symptoms of suffering. Refuge Recovery, guided by the philosophy and teachings of Sid Gautama (Buddha), offers meditations, retreats, events, resources, and meetings with an aim to end the suffering of addiction.  With meetings online and in-person across the United States, the program offers an alternative to 12-step, faith-based, and skills-based recovery with a mindful addition to addiction treatment.

Who is Refuge Recovery for?

Refuge Recovery serves people of every way of life, seeking only to help people feel relief through their meditations and shared experience of recovery. Anyone who is sober can join their meetings, and a commitment to abstinence is the only requirement of participation in the program.  If you are in recovery from active addiction and want a support group on the path, Refuge Recovery is a promising alternative to 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in its secular, research-based approach.

How does Refuge Recovery help?

Refuge Recovery helps people to feel relief from the suffering of addiction with in-person meetings that include meditations on the experience of addiction. It is a peer-led movement of recovery that uses Buddhist principles and structured communities to help people with daily recovery challenges through mentorship, retreats, service, and inventories.  These all help in recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, guiding the path to recovery not through a higher power—but through contemplation. The group meetings often help with mental health and substance use disorders in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy and a stay at a treatment center.

As an alternative to AA and LifeRing Recovery, their daily meetings are a combination of practices of mindfulness, guided meditation, and shared wisdom based on the Noble Truths and teachings of the Buddha.

Where can I find Refuge Recovery meetings?

To heal the suffering of addiction long term, Refuge Recovery has local meetings around the world. You can find their teachings online, and you can easily start your own in-person meeting by consulting with their founder, Noah Levine.

Find Refuge Recovery meetings near you, and see how you can feel peace, ease, and mindfulness in abstinence.

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