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Veterans Affairs (Military) Drug Rehab Treatment

What is Veteran Affairs?

Many veterans find issues with substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and prescription medications after military service, so Veteran Affairs treats substance abuse problems through the Department of Veteran Affairs Health Care.  They offer proven options such as medication, counseling, therapy, and support groups for underlying conditions that may lead to substance use disorders like alcohol abuse and drug abuse.

Who is Veteran Affairs for?

Veteran Affairs serves only former military personnel seeking treatment. They aim to bring recovery to a population of members and veterans that frequently struggles from exposure to combat and requirements of their service after return to civilian life. Anyone who is a veteran can join their treatment programs and third-party treatment centers.

If you are in recovery from addiction or struggle with substance abuse currently, Veteran Affairs is a comprehensive option for treating addiction with evidence-based interventions.

How does Veteran Affairs help?

Veteran Affairs offers many options for the treatment of addiction and substance abuse, including medication, therapy, support groups, and referrals to third-party programs in their Community Care Network. Through them, you can find choices for detoxification, drug substitutes, and replacement therapies that could help initially. Further on, you can receive short-term outpatient counseling and proceed to benefit from residential care, in some cases.

Substance abuse treatment through Veterans Affairs varies by the patient because outcomes are better for individuals when they are cared for according to their unique needs. See what options are available to you by contacting your local VA.

Where can I find Veteran Affairs?

To heal addiction long term, Veteran Affairs has local locations around the United States. They have many drug or alcohol treatment options for veterans with PTSD, family members, and those with other mental health issues.

You can find more information online, or you can easily discover the nearest VA location near you with the filters below.

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