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Women For Sobriety Drug Rehab Treatment

What is Women for Sobriety?

Women for Sobriety is a gender-specific organization led by women for women. They were founded in 1975 to offer the first peer-based support group for women overcoming addiction as well as alcohol and drug abuse. Their programs are offered to all women both in-person and online, helping to improve mental health in a safe environment.  Throughout their drug addiction treatment and “life” programs, they are focused on empowerment and life-affirming principles that help women work through substance use disorders and life challenges.

Who is Women for Sobriety for?

Women for Sobriety is open to all women. It doesn’t matter what financial resources you have, what race you are, what religion, ability, or background—you can participate in their supportive peer groups anytime. No woman is rejected from participating in the program because of a belief system. All that is required is a commitment to taking responsibility for living a drug-free life.

If you are in recovery from an active substance use disorder, Women for Sobriety is a helpful option for getting support from your fellows and continuing on your path to overcoming addiction.

How does Women for Sobriety help?

You will find Women for Sobriety founded on supportive principles, and all their engagements as an organization are pointed at recovery for women. The vision of Women for Sobriety (WFS) is a world of women with mindful lives who take responsibility for the outcomes of their actions and thoughts.

In support of that mission, they offer compassion through empathy, connection in safe spaces, empowerment through the celebration of each other, love in authentic friendships, and respect—always honoring the experience and ideas of women.

Where can I find Women for Sobriety meetings?

To help any woman overcome the struggle of addiction forever, Women for Sobriety holds meetings across the United States. They have many chapters in most US cities and are offered at treatment centers in many long-term recovery settings.

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